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Almost Retired RPLS - Flexible Hours - Tired of Your Senior Corporate Job

Round Rock, TX, USA

Job Type

Flexible Time Commitment

About the Role

Are you a very senior RPLS? Are you nearing retirement, or at retirement and tired of your senior role? You just wish you could go back to actually surveying and having limited responsibility instead of fulling retiring? Well you're in luck.

If you're looking at this job post you probably already know the deal. Just in case, here is an overview. You may be thinking this job post is a little non-traditional, it is. Just go for it and let's talk. You may be surprised how flexible we are with facilitating people's ideal job.

We're looking for someone who has the experience and contacts to run one survey team. That's 4 field techs and two office techs. Because you're experienced, you can probably do this job in way less than 40 hours a week. We will pay a fair salary, let you steal all the coffee you want, and read the newspaper. Just get your job done.

You'll be responsible for the oversight and reporting of budgets and utilization of resources. This role is the key point of contact between Inland and clients. Project Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of field and office staff for multiple projects, including, the tracking of deliverables. They are responsible for proposal writing, business development, and staff development.

• Manage projects from start to finish, while ensuring services meet company quality standards and client specifications
• Participate in planning and implement procedures and systems to maximize operating efficiency
• Develop and manage proposals, budgets, schedules, billings, and contracts
• Sign and seal plats, field notes and control drawings if required
• Establish work plans and staffing requirements for multiple projects
• Participate in business development opportunities and maintain strong client relationships
• Develop and conduct presentations to clients and other critical stakeholders
• Effectively interface with sub-consultants and as well as other business relationships
• Provide support to other operational units as needed
• Manage and report financial status including AR/WIP and billing cycles
• Represent company interests while in meetings and trade shows as needed
• Perform other tasks as assigned to help accomplish the Company’s strategic goals

What You Bring

  • You are a Registered Professional Land Surveyor (if you’re a unicorn LSLS as well you should definitely call us)

  • If you have infrastrucutre experience and a roledex you should also really call us

  • We don't care what your edcucation is ... you've been an RPLS for longer than most have been alive.

  • No one's going to tell you how to do your job, because you know how to do it better than us anyway.

  • You use to know how to use all the survey softwares, but now you just know what you want it to do... and can communicate that to suboridantes.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills including the ability to clearly define assignments/deliverables to team members

  • Ability to oversee, mentor and motivate a project team. Emphasis on mentor / teach the up and comers.

  • Ability to troubleshoot issues and problem solve on the fly

  • Ability to meet or exceed deadlines while maintaining teamwork and collaboration with others

About the Company

We're a privately owned, survey only small business. However, we are currently expanding quickly. Our vision keeps us to a one location niche expert firm. We specialize in infrastructure projects for municipalities and civil engineers in the Central Texas Region.

If you work here we can guarantee you'll be respected, treated like a professional, trusted, and given the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance to your fullest potential at work and in life.

• No corporate bureaucracy, small family focused business
• 100 % company paid premiums for medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
• Generous paid time off (20 days a year for this role) - 10 days balance on day one
• Simple IRA program offers 100% employer match up to 3%
• Reimbursement for society memberships, events, and pretty much anything survey related

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